Example Memo – Course Paperwork

 In Instructor Memos

Dear EMC Instructors:

A couple issues we need to address:

At the end of every class send a copy of the sign in sheets to roster.emc@gmail.com

CamScanner is a free app available on both iOs and Android, which takes pictures and turns them into legible pdf files. If you do not have CamScanner please look into getting it.

All completed course needs to be returned to the EMC office within 24-48 hours, unless other arrangements have been made. This gives us the ability to process the paperwork within our guidelines we have set.

Also as a second reminder, any paperwork that comes back incomplete, including equipment check in/out forms and equipment verifications will require completion, prior to us being able to process the final payroll for the class.

Terra Roberts
Staff Supervisor

CC: Shaun Fix

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