Emergency Airway Management

This full day course is designed for those familiar with the basic concept of airway management. Through the use of video, slides, case reviews, and hands-on skills labs, participants will review the anatomy of the airway and the physiology of adequate ventilations followed by skills labs in basic and advanced procedures.

Emergency Airway 2
  • Initial airway skills such as effective BVM, oral and nasal airways, and perilaryngeal airways will be introduced, reviewed and practiced as the first choice as well as a “rescue” or failed airway.
  • Advanced skills such as basic intubation, difficult intubation, unique anatomy, unique positioning, and variations to the “normal intubation” will be practiced.
  • Pharmacological assisted conscious sedations and paralytics will be reviewed and performed in cases practiced in real time… is RSI for everyone?
  • Needle and surgical cricothyrotomies will be practiced on both manikins and animal models.
  • Special assist devices, such as unique blades and fiber optic video scopes will be introduced and utilized.

This skills-intensive day will leave you with many “tricks of the trade”, and feeling more confident in recognizing the airway anatomy, providing care and recognizing which patients may or may not be candidates for various procedures.


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